Wednesday, October 14, 2015


At last! It's done!!

My new e-book Tangle Transformation is finally complete and ready to go! 

So excited!

So, what's it about?

One of the questions I am most often asked is how I transform patterns from their original format into something unique - in Tangle Transformation I'll show you my techniques for experimenting with patterns and give you strategies and ideas that will help you to transform patterns beyond the basic.

Tangle Transformation is a 54 page digital e-book in PDF format and includes an interactive Table to Contents for easy navigation throughout the e-book.

Though I'm experiencing my usual nail biting terror at releasing a new book, I'm very happy with how it's turned out and hope that you are going to love it!

If you just want to race ahead and purchase Tangle Transformation without going any further (you know you want to!!), go right ahead and click the "Buy it Now" to go straight to Paypal payment processor.

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Want to know a bit more first? Absolutely! 

As e-books can be a bit of an unknown factor I've got a little preview video of Tangle Transformation for you to check out so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it will be the right book for you. 

Here's the video

**Please note if you are reading this post in an email you may need to visit to website to view the video.

Tangle Transformation is available now for


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Thank you! 

I hope you're going to love it! 
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Playing with Meringue

Firstly - apologies that my new e-book post went out to feeds again this week - I was playing around with my blog layout trying to keep that post up the top for a while which meant republishing - I had no idea it would send out again until it arrived in my inbox tonight. Oops! Working within the constraints of Blogger can make for some unexpected moments.


Thank you all so much everyone for the amazing response to Tangle Transformation - I'm beyond thrilled, your support has been amazing!

Last week I was playing with the pattern Meringue for the Square One FB group focus and ended up with this tile.

This was my first time experimenting with Meringue and, of course, I wanted to take it onto a bigger format than the 3.5 square.

Even though the pattern is different, playing with it made me think of the Aquafleur poppy that I drew when that pattern was introduced, so this is kind of along the same theme.

We are heading towards what looks like an amazing warm, sunny week - I cannot wait to get out into my garden. John is in the process of building me a little french door greenhouse (excited!!!) in my new bee garden and I am waiting for it to be finished to do the paving and garden beds around it and just generally soak up all of its glory (I've been wanting a greenhouse for years).

The seasons lambs and calves have all been born, here I am a few weeks ago with the smallest lamb (a couple of days old) and John with the final calf of the season (just born). This girl is my favourite herd cow, Panda - I was so happy that she had an easy birth with a healthy calf, last year we had to have the vet out, her calf had died before birth and we thought we may also lose her, so we were worried for her.


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Thursday, September 17, 2015

3, 2, 1........blast off!

The free subscriber mini e-book "Three Little Rules" was sent out earlier today (Thursday AEST).

You should have received the "Three Little Rules" mini e-book in your inbox today if you were a confirmed subscriber when I exported the email list to my delivery service this morning (unfortunately I am unable to send to unconfirmed subscriptions as this is considered spam). 

Thanks for your support - I hope you all enjoy it!

If you did miss out by not subscribing by the cut-off or having an incomplete subscription, I'm sorry, but due to the work involved I do not send the free e-books out retrospectively.  I usually average two free e-books per year - the next one will be out in December, 2015 :)

Now - back to work on my new e-book, Tangle Transformation, which will be available for sale very soon :)

Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tangle Transformation - New e-book Cover

I've been buckling down and am actually ahead of schedule - I'm on the final, final edits of my new e-book Tangle Transformation - here's a sneak peek of the cover! I'm excited!

I just need to do another read-through (or 3), check it out on my iPad, put together a quick video preview..........then it's all systems go! Hopefully I'll have it up for sale on the blog this week.

Finishing up Tangle Transformation has slightly delayed the mail out of the free subscriber mini e-book (read the details here), but it will be going out very soon - I promise! - so, if you haven't subscribed yet, you have a little more time to sign up for the email blog feed and be eligible to receive the freebie, but once it goes out, that will be it!

So much to do, so little time :)

Have a great day!

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