Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Challenge #185 - phicops/diva dance

This weeks diva challenge  : to use phicops and diva dance - love both these tangles......individually .....together it was a bit of a stretch for me to come up with something, especially at the very slow pace my brain is working at the moment.

In any case, here it is, wobbly lines and all:

The proportions are a bit out, but, as I mentioned in my previous post - I'm just glad to be drawing again!


Monday, September 15, 2014

a miracle!

Firstly - thank you all so much for the fabulous response to my new e-book Light and Shadow - I have been thrilled and hope that, if you've purchased, you are enjoying it and that it is helping with your shading - if you haven't I hope you'll check it out. I'm really proud of how this new book turned out :)

Now, onto the miracle: today I drew something! Not a big deal, right? Well, let me tell you about my last 4 weeks.

Firstly, the day I completed Light and Shadow and posted it on the blog, one of our sheep had triplets, which, of course, was wonderful, but one of the new lambs just couldn't keep up and, by Saturday, ended up at our place in front of the fire being bottle fed. This is our first year having lambs, and, as this one now considered me it's mum and wanted me in sight all the time I had a crash course in how much work is involved in being a lamb foster-mum.

The lamb is now back in the paddock with the herd, though he still has his three feeds a day......I am very much looking forward to starting the weaning process next week.

My husband, John, calls him Lieutenant Lamb.

O.k., so once I got the bottle feeding under control - took about a week - I thought I'd finally be able to get onto other things I had planned, but, nope...........instead I got sick with the flu. Really sick. This was a big shock to me as I just don't get sick. Everyone around me will have colds and the flu and I.....just.........don't. I laugh in the face of the flu! Well, o.k., not anymore, now I cower in terror.

Whatever I had sent me to bed for 3 days, then, when I was finally starting to feel normal after a week, I got a second dose and was barely able to stay awake through the day, I needed naps and was in bed by 6.30 at night. Just so exhausted, coughing all the time, etc, etc. Finally, finally over the last couple of days I have began to feel quasi normal. It's true that I still cannot say a sentence without coughing - John asked me yesterday if I was sick of coughing because he was sick of hearing it........cheeky, cheeky boy.........I think I'm going to record myself coughing and make it his ringtone - technology baffles him a bit and he'll never figure out how to get rid of it. LOL.

So, anyway, today, I drew something.

It's not something great........there's some pretty wonky lines in there, but after how I've been feeling for the past 3 weeks, I'm pretty happy to get ANYTHING done that doesn't involve being prone.

Here's one that was sitting on my desk from the days before the great flu of 2014 and Lieutenant Lamb. The outline is one that I did much earlier in the year for another project - I wanted to play with just shading the central area of the design.

I hope the last month has been considerably better for you guys!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

LIGHT AND SHADOW - my new E-book available Now!

So, so excited!

It's here! It's here! My new e-book Light and Shadow is finally done and ready to go!
I hope you're excited, too!! This one has been a lot of work, and, as I couldn't stop talking about shading, it ended up 30+ pages longer than Flips and Folds!
Along with a dose of terror that it's finally being released, I have to say I'm super-happy with  how it has turned out and hope that you are going to love it!

If you just want to race ahead and purchase it without going any further (you know you want to!!), go right ahead and click the "Add to Cart" button to go to the shopping cart.
Add to Cart
Otherwise, I've got a little intro video for you to check out - straight from my messy little studio upstairs (sadly, no kittens this time!). As e-books can be a bit of an unknown factor I wanted to give you an overview of Light and Shadow so that you are able to make an informed decision of whether you think it will be the right book for you.
Here's the video:

I get lots of comments and questions about my drawings, but the one that crops up the most? People wanting to know how I achieve the shading effects on my drawings. I hope that Light and Shadow will answer those questions and give you guys the skills to be able to understand and reproduce beautiful shading on your own drawings.
Light and Shadow also contains 3 video demonstrations.

What’s inside:
Light and Shadow is a 77 page digital e-book in PDF format covering a range of shading techniques
* Technique step-outs
* Worksheets
* Tips
* Galleries for inspiration
* 3 x videos
* Hyperlinks and interactive Table of Contents for easy navigation throughout the book.

Want to see a Table of Contents? Scroll down to the bottom of this post to check it out.

My goal for Light and Shadow is to share with you my shading techniques – I want you to understand how shading works and to be able to recreate these results on your own drawings. I’ve used lots of step-outs, worksheets, alternative approaches, tips and finished drawings to illustrate my techniques and help inspire your own creations.

I have also created 3 supporting videos, accessed via the e-book, that demonstrate my approach to shading.
Light and Shadow only US$16.00
Add to Cart

Payments can be made by either Paypal or Credit Card

Purchase Light and Shadow by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button above - this will open up the shopping cart, select "Check out with Paypal" - you will then have the option of paying with either a Paypal Account, or credit card.

Thank you! I hope you're going to love it!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

rule #1 - know when to stop

It feels like so,so long since I've participated in a weekly challenge, and, let's face it - I'm basically procrastinating - using any excuse not to do what I really should be doing...........

So for today's exercise in avoidance, I took up the gauntlet and ran with this weeks challenge - a UMT (love those!) - MacDee.

I was a little (a lot) too enthusiastic and really should have stopped at either just doing the flower, or the paper roll, but I just couldn't say no to one more little bit of plaid. Sigh.

Here's the over-patterned result.

Now, no choice but to get back to work!

Have a good one :)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The eagle has landed

Following on from the previous blog post................

the mail has been sent!

If you are a confirmed subscriber (unfortunately there were a few emails that hadn't completed the process and I could not send to unconfirmed subscriptions), you should have received the Aquafleur Rose Mini Workshop in your inbox today.

Hope you enjoy it!

Now, back to work on the videos for the new e-book!

Have a great day!

Friday, August 8, 2014

New e-book cover and something fun!

It feels like so long since I've blogged that I've forgotten how to do it! Where's my witty repartee? My funny one liners? My engaging conversational style? Oh, right, I didn't have any of that anyway........LOL.....so, I guess this is normal.

The last couple of months have been crazy, yes, it's always busy around here, but recently - I just can't keep up. I feel like as my kids get older and leave home (we've only got one at home now) that life should be slowing down, but instead it has gone into hyperdrive and does not look like stopping anytime soon.

So, first up. I've finished editing my new e-book "Light and Shadow". I'm now onto the video-ing portion of the project, so estimate I'll be ready to have it available on the blog within about 2 weeks.

Because of the long break in the middle of the project whilst I finished up my PDC assignments I feel like this one has dragged on and on and on - but it was good to look at it again with fresh eyes after a bit of a break, and I ended up adding a bit more content, which is always a good thing. Glad to have the finish line in sight, though.

Would you like to see the cover? I think this will be the final, final version.

I'm super-excited (also equally parts terrified) - I hope you will love it!
By now you've probably guessed that this book is about shading. I had a couple of ideas in mind when I thought about doing a follow up e-book to Flips and Folds, and since how I approach shading is the topic I get the most emails about, it seemed logical to go with that. It has ended up being a bigger book than I first planned and I'm very happy with how it's come out.
Next.............something fun that I hope you'll enjoy! I'm working on a little pre-book surprise and am planning a special mail out to email subscribers in the next week. This will be sent in the same way as the 2013 Pattern Folio - I use a separate email distributor (Mail Chimp) in order to do this, so you need to have a confirmed email subscription to the blog otherwise I do not have the authority to email you. Unlike the folio, I will not be sending this out retrospectively (too much hard work as it has to be done manually), so if you want to receive it, you will need to have a confirmed email subscription by the time I send it out (to do this put your email address into the box under my photo on the right and follow the instructions).
I do understand that not everyone follows via email, and I appreciate you no matter how you choose to follow along, but this is the only way that I can have any control over sending out this type of content.
So, what else has been going on? I finally finished my PDC. YAY! I thought you might like to take a look at some of my final drawings:

Now, I just need to recover for a month or two before I start on the work for the Diploma.

Around home we've had our first lamb and put our piggies in the freezer.

So cute.
We had such a cold night last week that our water pipes froze - this has never happened in the 12 years we have lived here (or anywhere I have lived in my life). The water froze in the stock water troughs and Ollie had to come and supervise the cracking of the ice to make sure it was done correctly. He's a hard taskmaster that Mr. Ollie.
That's it! Did you make it to the end? You are a super-star!
Keep an eye out for updates and, if you get emails from my blog, something fun in your inbox over the next week.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2014

New book on the way & some dots.....

Have you noticed the tumbleweeds rolling around on the blog over the past month or so? There's a reason! I promise! I've been working on my next book. Ta Da! LOL.

So, here's where I'm at with it.......the majority of editing is done on the text, but I still have a cover, videos and hyperlinks, maybe some more pics ('cause when is enough ever really enough?) and of course, several more (or 100 obsessive) read-throughs to get done. I also want to do a bit of fun stuff on the blog before setting my baby loose into the wide world.

I'm super-excited, but................for the next 4 weeks I have to buckle down and complete my final assignments/presentation for my Permaculture Design Certificate which I have been sadly neglecting. That means the book stuff is on hold till my project is done.

So, I'm thinking taking all this into account, that I'm about 6 weeks off release. That's not all that long is it?

O.k., now for something I've been having a play around with today (yep, whilst avoiding my assignment......bad, bad Helen). It's got a bit of a rounded auraknot feel to it.

Random dots:

Connect up with some curved lines (alternate directions):

Add another row of curved lines:

Keep going, you're going to run into existing lines, just skip over and continue on the other side.

Partially pen-shaded:

Fun! I'll have to play around some more when I've got more time for it.

I'm missing you all, but will "see" you in a few weeks!